About Us

We rarely take the time to think about it but laundry is essential. Most of us would rather shop for new clothes than clean them but if we want to preserve the garments, bedding and fashion accessories we hold dear, we have to keep them clean. As laundromat owners we are familiar with the business of keeping clothes clean. Like the watering wells of ancient times, our laundromat is a place where everyone comes for a common practice.

Yet, even with the latest and most efficient machines, for some people, the time to do laundry is low on the list of priorities. As we saw more people in need of a faster and more efficient solution, we were determined to find a way to meet their needs….by meeting them at their door.

We started Fluffed and Folded to support individuals and families who would rather spend their free time doing the things they love. If from the comfort of your computer or mobile device, you can order groceries, movies, and dinner….why not laundry? We bring together an enthusiastic and experienced staff with the latest technology in washers, dryers and detergents to deliver an exceptional laundry solution right to your door. We provide a quality service with a quick turnaround while taking great strides to protect the environment.

Isn’t it time that you did something for you?

Give us a try and give back to your self.

Fluffed and Folded! Our service, your time.

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