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Having a hard time finding the answer to your query on our website? Had a recent positive experience with our staff member you’d like to tell us about? Have a complaint about our services or a recent experience? Have a suggestion to make our company even better? Let us know by using one of the methods provided below.

We want to have a conversation with our customers. This line of business is personal, so the more individual conversations we can have, the better.

With Fluffed and Folded you and your needs are our top priority. We wouldn’t be here without you, so we want to be constantly evaluating and improving. We strive to employ cheerful, detail oriented staff members. We hope that every member of our Fluffed and Folded team treats you with enthusiasm, focus, and respect. We created Fluffed and Folded as a way to make your life easier, that’s our ultimate goal. 

Please let us know if we ever fall short of our values. We want to be the best service you’ve ever encountered. We hope that we can help you do all the amazing things you want to do by saving you from your laundry piles!

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