Laundry Service In Redondo Beach, CA


Hello Redondo Beach!!

We’re Fluffed and Folded and we’re excited to be providing you with our new pickup and delivery laundry service. Living in California is a dream, isn’t it? But somehow, we find ourselves to almost too busy to enjoy it! Don’t get us started about the traffic, or the driving back and forth from work and school, or the constant errands we have to run just to keep our homes halfway decent. The point is, living in California doesn’t always lend itself to a vacation. In reality, we have checklists just like everyone else. While everything on there is important, does it really matter who checks it off your list?

Bear with us for a second… we all have chores. That’s a given for any human being. But how many of your chores really require you to do them? Most likely, you already outsource your garbage pickup, pool care, and lawn care, so why not outsource laundry too?

We’re all about customizable laundry service at Fluffed and Folded. In fact, you can let us know if you’d rather have your socks rolled or folded! You can choose which detergents and softeners we use too. It’s your laundry, so we want you to be nothing short of satisfied.

Not only do we care about your clothes, but we also care about the planet. We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly and efficient machines and detergents. That way, we can all keep enjoying the ocean.

Did you know the average American can spend up to 10 hours a week on laundry alone? Think of all the beach time you’re missing out on! When you use our services, you’ll be able to get back to living that Redondo Beach life.

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